Monday, April 4, 2022

Children's Allowance

 Have you considered giving your children an allowance? Some folks think that children should get an allowance in return for good grades. Some folks think children should get an allowance based on the completion of chores. Have you considered giving a 5-year-old an allowance without expecting them to earn it? What about a tween? What about a teenager? If a child gets an allowance I am of the opinion that one needs to start young. When doing so some think it is a good idea to teach them to save at least 10% for something in the future. It is also a good idea to teach them the importance of giving. Just like a paycheck, we adults should do the same thing. We should save 10% of our income for something we want in the future. We should also give away 10% of our income. For some, this will mean giving a tithe to our local church. For others, this will mean giving the 10% to a local charity. In some cases, we may even give some of that amount to the person seeking alms on the street. When we give money to someone on the street we have no idea of their real need or how they will use the money. That is not really our responsibility. Our responsibility is to give to those in need. Sometimes we might do it by offering to get them something from a fast food restaurant of their choice. On the latter if they refuse then it is on them. Just think about how to give away 10%. In the end you will feel better about it.

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