Monday, March 28, 2022

Getting out of Debt

 Living paycheck to paycheck. You need a plan to get out of debt. We can help. This is what one person did and now they do not feel the pressure of the debt. Remember, the 0 step is to stop using credit cards. The best thing to do is to snip them up and close the accounts. You can use debit cards to work just like credit cards. The only difference is you will never have to make payments or pay interest.

Paycheck #2 from my new job! Paid past due bills and got current on these utilities: electricity, natural gas, trash service, cell phone, and the Internet. Contacted the water and sewer departments and am not behind on them. Will get their bills and pay next paycheck. Set up an envelope system in one of the Dave Ramsey wallets (not the expensive one) and funded them for food, gasoline, and pet. Will add a clothing envelope to it next time. Still determining other items which could use an envelope and may expand in the future. Set aside monies in three regular envelopes to pay tithes of 1% for January, 2% for February, and 3% for March which I will put in the collection plate this Sunday. Created tithe envelopes for April at 4%. Created two regular envelopes and funded them to pay off 2 of 3 friend loans which I will give to them on Saturday when we go out to celebrate one of their birthdays. Set aside money to celebrate already. Created and funded a third friend loan envelope but held onto it for just a bit until I am sure my budget is set and I have accounted for everything that I know of. Started a home maintenance fund. Will start a car maintenance fund next paycheck.

Not much money left over for a lot of fun things. But dog parks are free and they are a fun source of entertainment. Otherwise, I am looking at my 99-cent Hulu membership for the month.
Still, I have given every dollar a job to do and I have a zero-based baby budget for the next two weeks. Can't believe how far my money stretched!

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