Saturday, March 5, 2022

3 Years

Names not provided to protect privacy.

3 years in the making!

🎉 WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉
(everything but the mortgage baby!)
$141,000 Paid off in 3 years!
We started this journey with 28 open accounts, a truck loan, and a baby on the way. Our range of income was 80-100.
We sold the $16,000 truck and cashed out my $25,000 in teacher retirement which helped put a dent in things!
But the biggest part was: we worked the plan, got on a budget, gave our finances to God, made BIG changes, made even bigger sacrifices, worked side jobs, sold a TON of stuff, said No to a lot, and kept at it when we wanted to give up. In 3 years we have not only paid off $141,000 but we also cash flowed the birth of 2 babies, 2 vehicles, 3 emergency room visits, a minor surgery, and closing cost on a house. We also survived 2020 and 3 furloughs, and suspension of bonuses (even though he hit them all!)
God has helped us and provided for us the whole way! There were so many times when He blessed us with just the right amount at just the right time.
A very big thanks to our parents and family who were always there encouraging and blessing us on this journey. To our friends who understood when we had to say no to things and were also a huge encouragement.
(Name Withheld) thank you for all the sacrifices that you made (I know switching to generic brands was tough at first lol). You did it all, you worked a full-time job and picked up so many side jobs, you are the master at selling things on the Marketplace, and you never cease to amaze me at your ambition and drive to be a better Christian, employee, husband, and Dad. This journey has been in so many ways so great for us and our marriage, it has taught us that we can make it through hard things and with God at the center come out better for it. Thanks for not giving up and for all you do! I Love you and would not have wanted to do this with anyone else!!
🏡Now let's pay off that House!
Live like no one else, so you can live and give like no one else!
-Dave Ramsey

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