Sunday, January 2, 2022

Side Gig

Searching out a way of earning extra money? Most individuals favor working from home. One way to do this is by taking surveys. I have found 3 different sources for surveys that do pay out cold hard cash. It's not much but it may be enough to feed a pet or two.

1. Mypoints: Lots of surveys, can let the computer run watching videos that will earn a few points too. In addition, sometimes you can find things that you need that will offer coupons that will return some of the money spent to your pocket. This site will send you E-mails with offers. You can just click on the offer (no purchase required) and collect points to redeem for cash. I have been a member for several years and have earned over $1,000. The link is Sign in today and start earning. This site offers an option to pay out to PayPal where you can transfer your earnings to your Bank Account.

2. Swagbucks: This site offers surveys, savings on purchases, and coupons too. I have been paid $25 for this one. You can redeem points and request a cash payout via PayPal. The link is You and your referral get a 300 SB Bonus when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days. In addition, you will also earn 10% of the SB earnings for the life of their account. You can print out coupons that will give you points and you can get more points by using the coupons that are for the purchases that you make on a regular basis.  This site has an option to pay out to PayPal where you can transfer the earning to your bank account.

3. Paid View Point: Earn up to $25.00 for every new member you invite. Every time they cash out you will get 20% of every research survey reward they have accumulated. Invite as many as you want. I have never been turned down for a survey. Earn as much as you can. This site pays out via PayPal where you can transfer the money to your bank account. The link is

4. YouGov: Usually get 2-3 surveys a month. I have never been turned down for a survey. Many of them are political in nature but it is easy to take them. When you have taken enough surveys they will allow you to transfer your earnings directly to your bank account.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Happiness Today

When you were a kid, what did you want most? What did you think would make you the happiest!

When we were children we were dependent on our parents, relatives, and friends of our parents to provide the things we wanted the most. For me, it was over 60 years ago so I do not really remember much of my early childhood. I think for the most part I was in survival mode since my parents had a lot of verbal arguments and sometimes I suffered verbal abuse from my Dad and occasionally corporal punishment. I think the thing I treasured the most was peace and tranquillity in my household. I can remember wanting a bicycle and a BB gun. I also treasured privacy in regards to my friends. For the most part, my folks did provide shelter, clothing, and food. As for transportation that was provided by using a bicycle and my 2 feet to get from point a to point b. We lived out in the country away from most everyone on a small farm. I always thought money would bring happiness. It did not. It did bring momentary pleasure but it surely did not provide real happiness.

Today money does not bring me happiness. Even receiving gifts does not proved me with happiness. Happiness for me is having peace around my immediate surroundings. For that, I am dependent on my family and community, and local environment to provide peace.

It also depends on my spending habits and the spending habits of my wife. When spending is left to the basics of my faith in God, our home, clothing, food, and transportation I am very satisfied and that brings me peace and happiness. At the age of 75, I want for little to nothing. 

For me, I think the one thing that does bring me real happiness is when I see my son of 20 making wise decisions in life. I think the ultimate happiness I have in life is bringing the wisdom of things I have learned in life to others.

Many have difficulty with their finances and have nothing but happiness. I seek to help others to have a better understanding of their finances today and their finances in the future. If you are one that has problems with their finances it would bring me great pleasure to guide you to a better financial tomorrow.

Please feel free to use the chat feature in the lower right hand corner to introduce yourself to me and allow me to help you get on the right path to your financial present and future.