Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Never Give Up

 Are you trying to get out of debt? It takes a lot of work. Many of us early in life get introduced to credit cards by our parents, schools, friends, and businesses. 

“You will never see the end if you give up in the middle.” –Joyce Meyer

Many of us make the decision to get things now rather than to save for them. This is the path I traveled for many years. I learned the hard way. Many times I had to go without because of the debt that I had created and it weighed heavy on me. I know it does for you. For some of us we spent many years building up this debt and now we have to do without to pay it off! Because it takes some time to pay off the debt we tend to accumulate more of it. Not good. When we have debt we have to pay interest. Often that interest can approach 20 to 30 and even more depending on where we create that debt. We enjoy helping folks to make a plan to get out of debt and if need by to hold your hand to encourage you with your plan. Feel free to comment on this message if you want help. All comments are private and no one that visits this blog will see them.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Banking Scams

Did you get a call from your bank? Did they tell you they were calling because someone other than you have accessed your account? Are they asking for personal information from you? Are they threatening to close your account? Are they asking you where you last used your credit card or debit card? Do not answer any of their questions? Your bank is not going to call you about your account. Never give private information to anyone who calls you regarding your bank account or any account. If you answer their questions you may discover your money has disappeared from your bank account.

Saturday, December 18, 2021


Do you seek to impress others?

At the young age of 20, I thought I had the world in my grasp. I would spend money to impress others. I purchased snappy clothing in including really different ties. Those were the days when folks dressed up in their Sunday best for church. I would order the most expensive item on the menu to try and impress others. To put it simply I did not understand the value of the money in my pocket. I used credit cards and just really set out to have fun, as long as I impressed everyone around me. Little did I know that I was not really impressing them. I was a FOOL.

Was I happy? Nope because other folks really did not care. I had a lot of friends but I was not me. I was trying to be anyone but me. Do you purchase the nicest car you can find on credit to try and impress others? Do you try to purchase clothing to impress others? Do you try to have a home that impresses others? Do you try to furnish your home to impress others?

Unless you have tons of money in the bank or a really well-paying job I can guarantee that you are going into debt to impress others. I can guarantee you that if suddenly you find that the car is going back to the bank or if the home is going back to the bank that your so-called friends will not be there to help you. They will not really care. They will care about themselves. They do not usually care that you are in debt living paycheck to paycheck.

If this describes you in any way you may need help to get out of debt and understand how to manage your paycheck so you have money left over at the end of the month. I can help you to MASTER your money and get you a VISA to a better life. 

Want to say goodbye to debt. Hit the chat button in the lower right-hand side. If we are in we will chat with you. If there is no response just send us a message.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Money to Spend

 Here is a great tip. Want money to spend for a vacation or for something special for that special someone or maybe money to spend on gifts for Christmas. Here is one way to do it. Get 50 envelopes. Number them 1 to 50. Each week you choose an envelope and you put money in it. Envelope 1 gets $1. Envelope 2 gets $2. 
Envelope 3 gets $3 and so on. You end with envelope 50 that gets $50. You do this before you put money toward anything that does not require you to pay for your home, clothing, transportation, or food. This is a good way to save up a small emergency fund too.

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