Sunday, August 22, 2021

As of April 16th, my family and I are debt free!!!

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Another Family is debt free

As of April 16th, my family and I are debt free!!! 🎉 It was just in time to welcome our third child and change our family tree forever! We sold 2 vehicles, our dream home and many, many other items. I picked up a part time job for 6 months (until Covid hit), and we stayed gazelle intense the entire 19 months and 10 days of Baby Step 2. God provided for us the entire way (and still is)! 🙌 Being on the other side of our mountain of debt feels amazing! If you’re currently on Baby Step 2, stay on course and don’t give up! Being debt free is well worth the sacrifices to get here.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Your Credit Report

 The only thing a credit score does is to rate how well you handle debt. Those items that are commonly reported to the credit bureaus are mortgage payments, credit cards and loans. Some utility companies have begun to report monthly payments.

The only thing a credit score does is to measure how well you handle debt. It is used by banks, credit card companies and companies that have their own credit cards to determine your risk level for extending credit.

A poor credit score can affect your ability to obtain some jobs. For instance if you have a low score you may have problems in obtaining jobs in the financial world and organizations that require a security clearance. Many companies today run a credit report when you are being hired. The item they are looking for is late payments.

You do not need a credit score to get a mortgage. A mortgage company can do a manual underwriting  where you produce your financial records for them to see historically how you handle your income and spending.

If you are having financial problems we can help you get on the right track by providing you with a plan to have financial peace.