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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Interest is Our Enemy

 Interest Is Our Enemy!

Did you know interest can be our enemy? Did you know that if you purchase a new car every 5-7 years that you are paying enough interest that would pay for a brand new car after doing this for most of your life? Did you know that when you spend money to pay interest on debt that you are spending money that you will never be able to spend on things for yourself, your spouse, or your family? Yes, interest is our enemy.

How do you avoid paying interest? For many of us, it means that we never use credit cards. For many of us, it means we never go shopping, not even window shopping unless we are going out to purchase something specific that we need. It means we have a plan to avoid debt. It is called a budget. A budget is a living document where the amounts can be changed to fit our needs from month to month. There are two purposes of a budget. One is to show us where we are spending our money. The second one is to give us a plan each month on how we are going to spend our money. The whole purpose of our plan is to life within the amount of money that we earn each month.

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