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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Bill Collection

Dr. Robert Epstein documented that Google bias may have shifted at least 6 million votes to Joe Biden. It turns out that this is not the first instance in which technology was used to rig an election. This happened in the 1876 election of Rutherford B. Hayes

Technology is all around us today. Not only in the voting booth but it is there for bill collectors too! Many times they harass you or call you at all hours of the day or night. They often try to call your work, neighbors, friends, and relatives. This is all illegal. Sometimes we have to stop answering the phone or screen our calls. Sometimes it is necessary to block their calls on our smartphones. The debt will not go away but by making arrangements or getting a person like me who is a Financial Coach you can set up a plan to get out of debt. The average person or couple can get out of debt in 2-3 years or less with our coaching.

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