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Friday, November 26, 2021

Starting a Budget

Everyone needs a budget for their day-to-day living expenses. This is the only way one will be financially successful.

Here is how one person I know does it: 

Get a Seeitbigger calendar planner from Walmart. 

Write down every paycheck on the day it comes in and the amount.

Write in every bill on the day it is due. I do this 2 months in advance.

In a 5 subject notebook date four pages per paycheck. 

On one page write a list of all bills that must come out of the paycheck. (refer to your planner calendar) and add them together. 

Include amount for groceries, one for gas. Add anything, not in those 3 categories that must be paid out of the paycheck. 

Hopefully, it is less than the paycheck. If not get a side income coming in or reduce somewhere. 

On another page divide it into 4 large boxes by drawing a large cross. 

Label box 1 as Bill's

Box 2 is groceries

Box 3 is gas

Box 4 is miscellaneous

On another page record those times that need to be spent on different insurance for car, home, pets. This would also include renters insurance if you rent a home or an apartment. 

Everything spent out of the paycheck must be written down in a box so you can see where your money is going. 

I try to pay most Bill's first. 

The other two pages work like a running check register. Look at your balance every couple of days. 

Write down what you are spending. 

It helps me to have a 3 in 1 bank account with direct deposit. 

10 % is deposited in account 1 for tithes, 

10% in account 2 for savings and the rest in debt to pay Bill's. 

If you don't know your set amount to budget for groceries or gas then get a notebook and keep a 2 monthly journal of spending to get an average. 

Remember to calculate things that come up once per year like a pet's yearly exam, property taxes, car registration, and insurance for home, health, and car.

 Another reason is to use a calendar planner and work your budget ahead as much as possible so you won't get caught off guard.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Paycheck to Paycheck

 Why Some People will Stay 
Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  1. They have no VISION.
  2. They ignore their DEBT.
  3. They do not have an Emergency Fund.
  4. They do not TITHE.
  5. They spend more than they earn.
  6. They INVEST more in STUFF than in themselves.
  7. They put today's happiness BEFORE their financial future.
  8. They do NOT know how to say NO.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Pennies grow into dollars

 Compound Interest

On A Zero Budget

Virtually every one of the richest individuals on planet Earth will verify, that the most powerful concept for the accumulation of wealth is Compound Interest HANDS DOWN!

    In fact, even with notoriously low paying websites for taking surveys or collect from free faucets, we can accumulate a sizable balance in a few short months that will keep growing and if you stick with me, I will show you (right here on this page) how I have been doing it, absolutely FREE! On this site do not gamle. You will most likely loose.


Register with (if you haven't already).It's absolutely free if you follow my instructions.

Now Logon and maximize the free rolls they give you by clicking on More and select Profile on the top menu. Click the bar that reads DISABLE LOTTERY AND INTEREST and check the box to disable lottery, but leave disable interest unchecked. This is just one of the adjustments that help me earn more.

Go back to the Top Menu and click FREE BTC and scroll down the page to click the Roll button

SUCCESS, You should see a notice that you just made money without spending a penny!

O.K. I admit, when you first start it's only fractions of a penny and most people who sign up quit before they realize there is serious money to be made here if you work your way up as a Premium Member and invest in their growth with all the free money you can find. For example, the screenshot above is probably higher than you will see for a while, because I Redeemed some of the Free Reward Points I earned to activate a couple of Bonuses on every free roll I make for the next 24 hours.

The best plan, is to use other Free BTC websites to earn Satoshi and withdraw them into this account for faster growth. To build a big snowman, you would probably start with one small snowball and keep packing more snow on it until it reaches the size you want, right?

One example of this is Satoshi Hero where in four months I earned over 120,000 Satoshi and withdrew it directly into my balance where I could use it to buy more FUN Tokens.

Actually I didn't buy them, I just deposited my Satoshi (like dollars spent on a CD at a bank) and in 90 days I get it back with Interest. Then I deposit it all back to earn Interest again on the larger compounded balance without lifting a finger.

I just got paid for all the FUN Token deposits I made this summer, so I invested them in more FUN Tokens that will pay compouded interest as shown in this chart below.

If you plan to spend extra time browsing online to find more Free Bitcoin, you should get setup with the free Cryptotab Browser. I just started using this myself, so I am not earning much yet, but it really is much faster than the stock Chrome Browser and there is no additional cost, so why not?

Since I started compounding a few short months ago, my results have blown me away and they just keep getting better. Remember, this all came from free money I earned online by clicking for pennies.

This was my balance on August 24

And this was 1 month later on September 24

I have made quite a bit on Bitcoin, but I often had to let it lie dormant for months until it went up enough to withdraw, but with FUN Tokens they only go up or down by a couple of pennies worth and all the while keep earning interest for me. As if the earnings are not enough, owning over 12,500 FUN Tokens makes me a Premium Member with more special perks (like free Wheel Of Fortune spins every day) that earn me even more and the longer I hold them the more they grow.

Here are just a few of the better rewards I won spinning.

Won 4800 RP
Won 4100 Sat
Won 4400 RP
Won 4600 Sat

Quick Start Today by registering for a free account with and click More to select Profile so you can Disable Lottery (to double the Reward Points you earn). I set the alarm on my Smartphone where I installed their App to remind me to go back every hour and punch that free roll. This runs a lot smoother once you get into it and takes very little time and no money. If you want to follow along with what I do, click my signature and sign up for my free email list.

               Benjamin Franklins "A Penny saved is a penny earned"

Monday, November 8, 2021

10 Day Debt Plan

There are many reasons people find themselves in debt; medical expenses, a job loss, lost work due to an illness or injury, and yes, reckless spending. 

Whatever the reason you’re in debt, it can feel nearly impossible to climb out. Being in debt is stressful. It can cause fights between partners and even divorce. 

And debt hampers your ability to achieve the financial goals you might have like buying a home, saving for educational expenses, starting a business, or saving for retirement. 

Top 5 Reasons People Find Themselves in Debt

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