Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kaligh X

9 years ago my husband and I set out on a journey to change our lives and the way we live. Not many people today understand it but after finding ourselves homeless, broke, and in debt a few months before our wedding we decided we never wanted to be like that again. We got married while we were homeless and the cabin on our cruise boat was the first private room we had in several months (our wedding/cruise was prepaid so it still happened). We started attending Church soon after and Financial Peace University was being offered that Fall of 2011. We decided (Well I decided) we were going to see what it was all about. We started our relationship as roommates and were still treating our cash accordingly. We were challenged in FPU to combine our money during the class. (I didn’t want to be responsible for his debt so this was really hard for me). We combined our money and jointly set the task before us to get out of debt from the credit cards, cars, medical bills, etc. It took us a few years to pay everything off but we did it and it’s been an amazing feeling to not have anything hanging over us. But it has always been a dream to be COMPLETELY debt free including our home. Today is the day! We finally made it! We are DEBT FREE INCLUDING OUR HOUSE! The journey has not been easy. We definitely have had to live like no one else to make this happen over the years. But by using biblical principles in managing our money here we are. 33 yrs old and DEBT FREE. Pandemic or not 2020 is a year I will always remember! I hope our story brings hope to others. If we can do it so can you. Stick with the plan and it WILL happen!