Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Reading List

Reading List

Many well known folks read biographies, books on leadership. All of us are leaders, some better than others. One should be seeking wisdom all the days of their life. The best way to become wise is to read books that lead to wisdom. We recommend books here in our reading list. Most of them we have obtained from our local library or from libraries through out the state of California. If you are unable to obtain one of the books from the library then we recommend that you purchase the books from anywhere books are sold or from the links that we list below. Each of these books will help you to gain insights to your dreams. Dreams lead to goals. Goals lead to success in life.

You can read a portion or listen to a portion of each book online by clicking on the name of each book. Enjoy!

The Principle of the Path: When you choose a path there is a specific destination

Total Money Make Over: Get Out of Debt and Start Building Wealth

The Financial Peace Planner -  Step by step guide to restoring your familie's financial health.
One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today's Leading voices
The Proximity Principle: The proven strategy that will lead to the career you love.