Monday, August 19, 2019

College for Free or Low Cost

You can go to college for free or for a very low cost without going into debt. The number 1 rule is to never take out a loan for higher education. Again never take out a loan.

The first step to pay for college is to take college prep courses and to keep a high GPA. This will make it easier to get scholarships and grants. 

Step 2. Investigate the kind of work you want to do after college. Maybe you do not know so look at majors that will provide incomes that will usually get you in the high 5 figures and above.

Step 3. Start looking for scholarship choices, employers that will pay for you go to school and possibly look at letting the military pay for your college education.

Step 4. Consider cash-flowing college by working while going to school. Working during college is a better choice than having a fun social life in college. By working you will not go into debt for college. Right now folks that took out loans for college are wishing they had not taken out the loans.

If you have suggestions on how to avoid them going into debt for college please leave your comments.

Bankruptcy and Credit Repair

Bankruptcy can cost you from $500 on up depending on the state you live in and the cost of the particular attorney that will handle your case. In bankruptcy you may have to give up cars are real property along with other assets you have. Some debts may not be discharged including student debt and medical bills. Also it will remain on your record for 7 to 10 years. This can seriously affect the ability to do some of the things that you want to do in life. It can also affect the ability to get certain jobs in certain states.

Credit repair can cost you an average of $100 dollars or more per month and it will not really fix your credit. You will also have to continue to pay your debts. If a debt is not in collections you may or may not be able to settle the debt for less than it's face value.

In rare cases where you have medical debt you may be able to settle for a lesser amount. It will take a lot of negotiation.

At AllThingsWiseandWealthy we chage $39.00 for each 3 months. We teach you how to budget and to start your snowball system to pay off debt. Getting out of debt is 80% decision and 20% actually following our plan. Our plan has work for many thousands. It can start working for you today.