Tuesday, December 31, 2019

No Spend Weekend

Looking for something to do on the weekend or a day off from work that will not break the bank. Here are 45 ideas for something to do.

  1. Visit a park
  2. Go sightseeing locally
  3. Play a board game
  4. Visit the local library 
  5. Try a new recipe
  6. Draw something
  7. Camp in the living room/backyard 
  8. Watch a movie
  9. Learn a new skill
  10. Budget
  11. Make a time capsule
  12. Look at old photos
  13. Go Geocaching
  14. Make paper airplanes
  15. Sort old clothes
  16. Volunteer
  17. Have a yard sale
  18. Write a journal
  19. Exercise
  20. Swap movies or books with a friend
  21. Do a DIY project
  22. Make frozen meals
  23. Have a Spa day
  24. Clean your car
  25. Attend a local event
  26. Have a yard sale
  27. Do a random act of kindness
  28. Have a sleepover
  29. Go Hiking
  30. Skype a friend
  31. Make cookies
  32. Go jogging
  33. Read a book
  34. Have a scavenger hunt
  35. Go swimming
  36. Try a free trial
  37. Donate something
  38. DIY Coffee
  39. Walk the dog or a neighbors dog
  40. Visit the beach
  41. Go window shopping
  42. Play a trivia game
  43. Build a fire
  44. Organize cabinets/drawers
  45. Paint
  46. Go for a walk
  47. Take a nap

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Smart Goals

This is your year! When it comes to setting smart goals, most of us have the best intentions. You’re finally going to take control of your money. Get fit. Start a new hobby. Yada yada.
But here’s the thing. Most of us won’t actually do any of that. Setting goals for yourself is absolutely the right thing to do, but just having good intentions alone changes nothing. You can make resolutions all you want—but a resolution without a plan is just wishful thinking. So, how can you stick with your goals throughout the year? 
Make SMART goals.

Click Here for the Smart Goals

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The ABC's of Financial Peace

The ABC's of Financial Peace
A = Accept (the debt sucks, it's time to change)
B= Budget (my new favorite word)
C= Calculator (it's the only accessory you need in 2020, it should be stuck on you like that Clapper life line thing)
D= Debt. The enemy. Know your debt well and annihilate it
E = Ego. Get over it. You aren't your neighbor or sister or the Jones's next door. Focus on you
F= Failure. Is. Not. An. Option.
G= Greed. Enough said. Don't fall for it.
H= Handle it. If you are waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, start reading up on what to do to handle your debt, make a plan, acknowledge it and handle it.
I = income. You need more. Get the side gig, take the overtime, make your kids pay for their own phones.
J= Justify. if you feel you have to justify the purchase out loud...you can't afford it.
K= Kindness. You can't afford to buy wrapping paper for the school soccer team or candles for homeless snails. If you want to be kind, make that big donation when you get to B7. Don't forget them.
L= Lazy. Your budget and finances are a full time job. Commit to it every day. Don't be lazy.
M= Money Management. It's the new algebra or Latin. Learn it. Practice it. Stop being afraid of it.
N= No-one. No one else is in your shoes but you. Nevermind everyone else. Stick to you and your path.
O= Overbudget. A thing of the past.
P= Plan, plan, plan.
Q= Questions, ask. ask. ask.
R= Rigor. Set goals, make a plan, pursue it rigorously. Let nothing stop you. Nothing.
S= Save. the returnable bottles, the change on the floor of the car, the random dollar in the wash, the extra from your little bonus...save, save, save.
T= Trust. Trust you, trust the steps, trust that you can do this. Especially on the days you think you absolutely cannot.
U= Unavoidable. There are going to be unavoidable obstacles. Prepare. Be ready.
V= Victory. That debt free scream. That is you. You will get there.
W= Why. Because you are tired of being broke. Period.
X= the mark of crossing off a paid-down debt
Z= Zero debt. Zero debt.
Go get it this year. xo

Credit for this post goes to Maria Huntress on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace for the 40 and Over Crowd group on Facebook