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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The following was written by Ziz Ziglar several years ago. President Trump might do well to read this little piece and then he might be able to work toward the goals he put forth in his s

Dear Friend,
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, chances are you would agree that the leadership in our country — on both sides — is not as strong nor effective as we would prefer.
On more than one occasion I’ve heard friends and colleagues comparing our leaders today to the leaders of our past, looking for examples of what worked well.
Dad was a Margaret Thatcher fan. The job she did as Prime Minister of Great Britain was magnificent. She turned the economy around, helped restore pride and gave a sense of purpose and direction to her people.
Margaret Thatcher was a lady of unimpeachable credentials, including an iron will, and a strong moral foundation. Some of the things she said would serve us well today.
She said freedom does not include freedom from responsibility.
She believed there could be no freedom without a strong rule of law, "otherwise, there is freedom for the strong to oppress the weak."
Back in 1995, Mrs. Thatcher spoke in Searcy, Arkansas, to the students and faculty at Harding University. Someone asked her if the challenges facing the United States at that time were more economic or social.
She quickly replied, "It's moral."

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