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Monday, November 13, 2017

Lego Land Virtual Roller Coaster Malaysia

Screams of terror pierced the air as I made my way up the steps to what used to be the terrifying Project X roller coaster. Legoland Malaysia, together with Merlin Magic Making, had given it a tech makeover: It's now the ostensibly less intimidating Great Lego Race. Still, I was nervous.
The Great Lego Race marries virtual reality and good old roller coaster thrills, then adds a dash of Lego fun. Riders zoom into a world made entirely of Lego bricks, where they careen aboard a Lego car and race Lego characters. The Malaysian theme park will be the first to launch the experience, later this month, followed by its resorts in Florida and Germany next year.
VR roller coasters aren't new. Last March, England's Alton Towers theme park opened the world's first such attraction, the Galactica. But previous rides have been targeted at an older crowd and at roller coaster enthusiasts. The Great Lego Race, on the other hand, is aimed at kids, perhaps Lego's biggest fans.
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