Thursday, December 28, 2017

I'm playing Township. Let's be neighbors!

I'm building my own town in Township! Use this code to add me to your friends list: AR2KJW. Tap here to start playing!
Have you ever dreamed of becoming the mayor of a prosperous town? Or maybe an industrial tycoon? You can be both in Township, a great new game!
Create your own lively and prosperous town:
☆ Build houses and boost your town's population
☆ Open stores, hospitals, and other community buildings to make sure your residents have everything they need
☆ Build factories and develop your town's industry
☆ Fill townspeople's orders to earn in-game money and experience
☆ Collect Zoo animals and keep visitors happy
☆ Visit your friends' towns and send them gifts
☆ Lead your town toward prosperity and splendor! Build your dream!

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