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Monday, October 2, 2017

TNR Program

TNR was brought to the United sttes from Europe and the United Kingdom in the late 80s. The practice of TNR grew rapidly in the 90s when Alley Cat Allies began rpviding information and assistance to people caring for feral cats who recognized that ther numbers must be controlled and reduced through sterilization. In communities where TNR is widely embraced, feral cat numbers have dropped.

TNR programs operate largely or entirely through the dedicated efforts of committed volunteers. TNR works because it breaks the cycle of reproduction. In general, the cost of sterilizing and returning a feral cat is less than have the cost of trapping, holding, killing and disposing of a feral cat. TNR protects public health and advances the goal of reducing the numbers of feral cats in the environment. The public supports humane, nonlethal TNR as the long-term solution to feral cat overpopulation.

Information Provided by Alley Cat Allies. See this inspiring video "Believe in Miracles Video"

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