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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Bit Coin

Life is fun, exciting and and adventure. This is our family motto. In following this MOTTO we have entered into the world of crypto currency. This is electronic currency that we obtain by either purchasing it (not recommended) or by visiting websites around the world to gather it. We will be sharing where we get our wallets (like a bank) to gather our electronic coins. We will also be sharing where we gather these coins. You will find rewards but it will not happen over night. I have my laptop set up in my family room where I can spend time with my wife while I click here an there to gather the coins. 

STEP 1. You will need a wallet. I have three recommendations and a short note as to why I have chosen the ones that I use.
A. COINBASE - I can sell bitcoin on this site and then send the cash to my bank account. One can also purchase bitcoin on this same system. There is a fee for all transactions when is modest. At this time there is no cost to send Bitcoins to COINBASE. Click HERE to get a COINBASE wallet.  If you go to the bottom of the menu online you will see exchange. This is a great place to buy bit coins at a low price and sell them at a high price just like the stock market!

A second wallet I would like to recommend is Xapo. When you have an account here you will be able to make immediate deposits of your bitcoin earnings. I like this wallet very much for some of the sites I visit to collect coin. Click HERE to get an Xapo Wallet

Here are a number of great places to start to gather Bitcoins (actually you will be collecting bits. 1,000,000,000 bits equals 1 bit coin. 

Step 2. Start collecting coin. We will be adding locations to gather coins as we find one that seem to be reliable.

Word of caution: If and when you come across a system promising to increase your bit coins by large percentages or offering to double your coins in just a few days or hours stay away from them. Most of them if not all of them are scams. Some say they are registered with their governments to try and make them seem legitamate, stay away from them. If you deposit coins anywhere other than wallets mentioned here expect to loose your coin and money! Note - I am trying one site that offers to double my coins in a very short time. I will post a banner for the site if all seems to be working okay.

Just visit us each day and you can then just click on the banners to visit these pages. My preference of a browser is to use Opera. I like using Firefox on my laptop. I have been using this site for some time. Real easy to use and once can use it every hour. It will allow you to gamble your winnings and it will also allow you to send more bitcoins to it to try and win more. My recommendation is not to be greedy. I have lost a good portion a few times. I like to be generous and I share the 90% of my commissions with you when you use this site. The more you use it the larger the portions of my commissions you will receive!

This is a fun game that can have great rewards. Just collect the coins every few minutes. Might be a good one to use while watching your favorite sports program on television. Collected over 1000 Satashi in less than an hour. Just started using it today. I highly recommend this site!

Moon Bitcoin will allow you to use Xapo to collect your bit coins without waiting for them. Highly recommended. Also if  you use Moon Bitcoin several times eacy day to collect you can get a bonus of 100% plus.

This site is a bit goofy at times but the individul(s) who operate this site always seem to get it fixed very quickly. I highly recommend it!

Donald is very generous! I have received over 337,641 Satoshi in just  a few weeks. Be sure to let Donalds nephews help you out, although it is a small about it does help. To take full advantage you need to be sure to collect your coins every couple of hours. Be sure to collect the coins on the compaigns.

I have just started using this site in the middle of January 2016. Thus far I have received .00010400 btc. I try to use this site at least once an hour. If you are so inclined you can also wager your earnings here to build them up. I use the following method (does not always work) I bid the minimum and then increase it by 4x's on each play. I limit myself to 3 plays and hour and this usually works out in a winning position.