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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Mission of Natural Health Advisory Institute (NHAI): To research and identify the most effective natural healing options for chronic health conditions and to communicate these to the proactive health consumer in an understandable and quickly accessible format.
Today’s Healthcare Consumer is demanding a better way: The modern proactive healthcare consumer is not your grandmother’s consumer… In fact, their expectations are changing rapidly and powerfully. More and more, millions are no longer silent and are casting their vote with their pocketbook. They have become increasingly frustrated with the pharmaceutical driven healing models of conventional practitioners. This “meds first” approach frequently results in long term dependency and unwanted side effects yet often only treats the symptoms when they work at all. On the other hand, natural healing – or integrative medicine – combines the best of conventional medicine with the best of drug-free, natural medicine. Armed with the right information, the new healthcare consumer can find doctor recommended, scientifically backed natural health options that not only work, but that solve the underlying causes of the condition in the first place. As evidence of this powerful and growing trend, a study* published in July of 2009 by a U.S. government agency showed almost 40% of U.S. adults used one or more complementary-alternative healing modalities in 2007. They spent $33.9 billion on these practices in the process. No longer is this just a fringe movement. The users are just “regular people” looking for solutions to their chronic conditions which they are not finding in conventional medicine.

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101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans
Our mission is to support and enhance the fame and glory of the division; To maintain and strengthen the bonds of comradeship which distinguished the soldiers of the division; To gather and circulate information concerning all members; To provide for patriotic assembly of all members in local and national reunions; To provide a means through which all members may gather on an informal basis; To be a vehicle which all members may use to locate other Screaming Eagles with whom they may have served; To promote public understanding and appreciation of the service contributed by those who served their country in Vietnam; Memorialize the dedication and sacrifice of those who gave their lives; Support the recognition of those who suffered the terrible wounds of the war; Actively seek to relieve the special needs of those who served in Vietnam, and to perpetuate the "Screaming Eagle" spirit as to heritage and tradition of future generations.

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