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Monday, May 30, 2016

Here is a really great deal. Would you like to be able to advertise all of your favorite traffic exchanges? Would you like a place where you can click on the places you want to visit without having to have a massive bookmark file? I use Banners and Bucks It works perfect for this purpose. You can be a free user and use it as a bookmark file. As a free user you can advertise Banners and Bucks on your favorite sites and possibly get a few users. The other choice is to upgrade and your banners will be shown on over 9000 splash pages. This site has provided me with an income that is enough to purchase dog food and cat food for my pets.  Try it today and see what you think. I have not had a problem with showing my splash page for Banners and Bucks thus far on any site. Click on the banner below.

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