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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taking a turn in life toward crypto currency

For the last few months we have been searching out places on the Internet where we can find free crypto currency. We have been somewhat successful in this journey. Starting today we are going to start sharing some of these places where you can find crypto currency for free.

The first step is to get a wallet to store your newfound crypto currency. The following is one of my favorite wallet locations due to the fact that I can search out different coins. The most well known coin is Bitcoin.

For Bitcoin I highly recommend the Xapo wallet. There is no charge to use this network to send or receive bitcoins. Do keep track of your original address since I will be recommending site where you can begin to gather Bitcoin for free. The second location I recommend is Bleutrade Crypto Currency Exchange.

Once you have a wallet here are three great place to star collecting Bitcoins. Be sure to get the Xapo wallet  for these three sites.

1. Freebitcoin

2. Donald Coin

3. Faucetbirds

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