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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Since 1890, Pirelli has been synonymous with high-performance  tyres. With the creation of the Ercole, which marked the start of a long history of sporting success, the excellence of Pirelli's products has been the concrete and visible result of the constant improvement of production processes, design methods and the use of materials.
From the Ercole to the pre-war Stella Bianca; from the Stelvio, workhorse of the motorised masses, to the innovative Cinturato of the 1950s to today's ultra-high-performance "run flat" models outfitted with pressure sensors: the history of product innovation at Pirelli is an impressively long one.
Technological innovation in the tyre industry is exemplified by MIRS, a robotised system of high-performance tyre manufacture that has by now become an proven industrial benchmark.
But the technological history of Pirelli tyres dates back to the dawn of the auto industry, to the first pioneering attempts at the end of the 19th century that would eventually make solid rubber tyres obsolete.

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